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Smart Showroom

Designed for EG U.S. operations, A major company that develops and sells smart, stylish home products for the American market.

From a sales perspective, the space retains an industrial hangar appearance, including the elements of display and hospitality.

The products are showcased within the wall envelope as they are in major retail networks like THD, Costco, etc. The rest of the space features modular display areas that replicate the original environments of the products, such as a garden for outdoor lighting, a living room, a home office/workroom, and so on.

A smart space for smart products.

The area is networked with sensors and responds to guests based on their location. Approaching the garden area will intensify the ambient lighting to 100%, accompanied by the sound of water splashing and birds chirping. Entering the living room changes the lighting, with sounds mimicking a distant street from an iPad.

Control of the entire space is possible via iPad while moving around. At the center, open to the display areas, is a versatile hospitality zone capable of hosting high-level events for over 300 people, meetings and presentations around a table for 30 or more, or one-on-one conversations at the bar. Transition to the hangar display space is through the company's offices, which we also designed in a chic and functional manner, creating an intriguing tunnel leading from the offices to the display area."


Smart Showroom

"A smart space for smart products."

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