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Ta Design was founded in 2001 and has become one of the leading companies in convention, expo and business event design, as well as commercial and event space design and product development.

At TA Design, projects are granted the utmost attention to detail in order to understand the client’s needs and vision. TA Design views each project as a world unto itself with a distinctive message to be conveyed. We believe in our ability to create original, exciting, groundbreaking worlds that bring together ideas, people, elements and spaces and offer inspiring and unforgettable experiences.

Creativity – Lobbies, fun and hospitality spaces:

Genuine creativity is like a wild animal that requires unlimited open spaces and lots of fresh air. The designer is like a skilled trainer that has the power to channel and control the emergent raw energy, without breaking the wild animal’s beautiful spirit. Our extensive experience and knowledge in building brands and taking events to the highest level possible, combined with the utmost technical and production capabilities enables us to produce unparalleled designs for commercial spaces and hospitality venues. We harness our creative energies and passion, constantly aiming to ignite people’s imaginations and touch their hearts. They should always be able to feel that a wild animal was involved…

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